ChasMar is your place for all things Lawn & Garden.

Since 1978, our Lawn & Garden department has been a staple in our business.  In our nursery, we carry shrubs, trees (fruit and flowering), annuals, perennials, vegetables, hanging baskets, herbs, and more.  You won’t find a better selection in Middle Georgia!  We also carry an assortment of planters, soils, seeds, gardening tools, insecticides, fertilizers, outdoor power equipment, and anything else you could need to keep your lawn and garden looking its very best.  The key to having a lawn and garden you love is having easy access to the products you need to make working and relaxing outside an enjoyable experience.  We’ve got you covered!

Live Plants

We have seasonally appropriate stock in our nursery area throughout the year.  Shrubbery, trees, flowering annuals, vegetables, roses, etc.  Check our store for current stock.

Soil & Seed

Planting a garden from scratch?  We have everything you need!  We carry a huge selection of seed that we will weigh for you so you have exactly what you need.  Our seed selection includes various grass seeds, field corn, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, field pea varieties, garden peas, butter beans, cucumbers, okra, carrots, celery, and so much more.

We sell soil by Ace, Scott, and Miracle Grow for all sizes and kinds of gardens.  We also sell a variety of mulches and compost manure to help your gardens flourish and thrive!

Garden Tools

We sell all of the basic tools you need to make gardening easier.  We have rakes, shovels, spades, forks, wheelbarrows, post hold diggers, trimmers, pruners, axes, picks, and sledgehammers.  We’ve got sprayers and spreaders for all your fertilizing and insecticide needs.  If you’re looking for weed-trimmers, push mowers, riding mowers, blowers, etc., come see us.  Some of our top name brands in power tools include Craftsman, Black & Decker, Toro, and Remington.  In hand tools, you will find a selection of John Deere, True Temper, and ACE brand tools.

As with any of our departments, if you don’t see what you need, we can likely order it!  Ask us!

Landscaping Aides

Landscape fabric makes keeping the weeds out of your flower beds easy.  We carry landscape fabrics in different lengths and widths and different styles of landscape edging and fencing, too, including concrete pavers, edgers, and stepping stones.

Hoses & Sprinklers

GA summers are HOT!  So, to keep those lawns, flower beds, and gardens looking their best, you have to have a watering plan.  Whether you’re installing a watering system with lawn sprinklers or just need a hose to roll out once a day, we can help.  We have a full line of hoses, hose repair, adapter products and plenty of sprinkler options to choose from.  We’ve also got the storage side covered with hose reels that hang or sit on the ground.


Whether you need to fertilize your house plant, garden, or your entire lawn, we have the products you need.  We sell fertilizer spikes for trees and shrubs and plant food spikes for flowers and house plants.  We carry blood meal, Osmocote, super phosphate, and plenty of other tried and true products used by generations of gardeners.  We carry large bags of fertilizer in our warehouse (5-10-15, 10-10-10, pelletized lime, milorganite are among the most popular).  We also carry Scotts and Ace brands of Weed & Feed.

Weed Control

One of the most challenging parts of growing anything is controlling the weeds!  We’ve got you covered.  We sell Hi-Yield, Roundup, Ortho, Bonids, Scotts, Spectracide, Preen, and many more brands of weed killer.  We have products that kill specific weeds, like poison ivy and crabgrass, and other products that will deliver a widespread treatment for your entire yard.


We sell insecticides for every kind of insect wherever you may happen to find them.  For your decks, we sell citronella candles and torches to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  We have bug-lights for your ponds and bug-zapping light bulbs for your entry ways.  We carry insect dusts, sprays, and repellents to treat your yard.

Pest Control

NO ONE likes rodents.  Least of all in, under, or around their home!  But it happens!  We have rodent and small animal traps, repellents, and poisons.  We know our customers prefer different approaches to dealing with pests, so we have a wide variety of solutions for you to try.

Here’s an overview of the things we carry.  If you want something specific, ask us!  We have the ability to special order a variety of items.

  • Clay Pottery
  • Coolers
  • Fertilizers
  • Fire Pits
  • Fungicides
  • Garden Tools
  • Grass Seed
  • Grills & Smokers
  • Hardware Cloth
  • Live Plants
  • Outdoor Décor
  • Patio Furniture
  • Patio Heaters
  • Pest Control
  • Planters
  • Pool Supplies
  • Pots & Planters
  • Seed & Fertilizers Spreaders
  • Seeds & Bulbs
  • Soils & Mulches
  • Sprayers
  • Stepping Stones/Pavers
  • Watering & Irrigation
  • Weed & Feed
  • Weed Killers
  • Wheelbarrows & Carts