ChasMar is your place for all things POOL!

Let ChasMar keep your swimming pool crystal clear, clean and comfortable this season with our wide selection of pool chemicals in store.  We even have the pool products you need to maintain a backyard spa so you can enjoy the water without worry!  It’s critical that you regularly treat your pool with the appropriate pool cleaning chemicals to prevent harmful bacteria growth, skin irritation, and more.  With so many swimming pool chemicals available, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need – but there are a few essentials and we can test your water to help you determine exactly what you need.  (And remember, we test your water for FREE when you purchase your pool chemicals from us!)

Disinfectants and Clarifiers

Most pools are primarily kept clean with pool chlorine or bromine, and the majority of swimming pool chemicals contain some form of one of these disinfectants.  We offer liquid chlorine for pools, chlorine and bromine tablets, dispensers and a variety of other pool products that use a combination of chemicals to decontaminate and clarify your water.

Pool Shock

Pool shock is a specially formulated pool chemical designed to “shock” – meaning kill – any bacteria or traces of organic material floating in the water.  When done regularly every few weeks, shocking your pool will help keep chlorine levels stay balanced and in turn keep your pool clean and safe to swim in.

PH Balancers:

Another essential pool chemical you need are pH balancers to increase or decrease your pool’s pH as needed.  We also carry alkalinity increasers like HTH 80 Oz pH Plus Sodium Carbonate.  Proper pH and alkalinity levels limit the risk of water scaling and the appearance of cloudy water.  Of course, you’ll want to regularly monitor your pool’s pH and chlorine levels with a home water test kit to make sure the levels stay healthy.  We carry those, too!


Even when regularly treating your pool water with a pool chlorinator, pool shock and pH balancers, algae may form in the water and should be treated immediately when present.  Preventative steps can also be taken to reduce the chance of an outbreak.  If you notice more algae than normal in your pool, which sometimes happens after it rains, add an algaecide to your routine pool treatments.

In addition to the essential chemicals above, ChasMar carries multi-surface cleaners, muriatic acid, pool salt, calcium and winterizing pool closing kits so your pool and spa can stay in top form all year long.  Once your pool is clean, clear and ready for fun, remember to check out our selection of pool floats and games!