ChasMar is your place for all things pets.

At ChasMar, we KNOW your pets are a vital part of your family.  Pet ownership requires ongoing maintenance and access to the right pet products to fit your pet’s needs. Find everything you need for your four-legged friends at ChasMar!

We offer a complete selection of dog, cat, and bird food, supplies, and accessories.  We want your pets to be healthy and happy, so we carry brands we are proud to sell and are confident they will help your pets lead long and happy lives!


Your puppy deserves the very best!  And we’ve got it all at ChasMar.  We carry a selection of leashes and collars to make walking your dog (and burning off that excess energy) fun and stylish!  We keep a variety of grooming tools in stock to keep your pet manicured and looking their very best.

We sell squeaky, bouncy, and chewy toys for dogs of all sizes. We have dog treats, pet beds, food dishes, grooming tools, flea and tick prevention (Frontline and Sentry), shampoos, and plenty of dog bones!

We sell top food brands like Diamond, Merrick, Alpo, The Pride, Taste of the Wild, Purina, and more.  We do carry a few grain-free dog food options.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us!  We can find it and start stocking it for you!

Picking a dog food is a tedious task.  Most quality commercial dog foods are highly regulated and often go through rigorous testing by veterinary specialists. While meat makes up the majority of a canine diet, dogs also crave nutrients from vegetables, fruits and grains, which can provide a source of key nutrients, fiber and vitamins.

To make sure your pet is getting the most healthy and nutritious food, check the back of the label to ensure that the dog food provides the complete nutritional balance your dog needs (don’t just focus on the main ingredient!).

The nutritional label should indicate how much and how often you should feed your dog based on its age and weight. Keep in mind that if your pooch lives a more sedentary lifestyle, you should consider scaling back the portion size, as most label recommendations are typically meant for active canines.


For your furry purring friends, we sell a variety of cat food, litter and litter boxes (Tidy Cats), flea prevention and treatment (Frontline and Sentry), grooming equipment, food dishes, and cat toys.  We carry top brands like Cat’s Pride, Canidae, Iams, Diamond, Friskies, Country Value, and more of your favorite, trusted food brands.  We also have an assortment of both bagged food and canned for your convenience.

When selecting the best cat food for your feline, the most important ingredient to look for is a named protein rather than an animal food product that generically lists “meat” as the primary ingredient. Look for proteins like fish, chicken, turkey, lamb or other sources followed by a named fat source such as chicken fat or oil. Avoid cat food containing carbohydrates that may be difficult for felines to digest and could also trigger allergies. Remember, cats are primary carnivores that don’t require fillers like corn, wheat or grains in their diets to thrive.


As bird watching becomes more popular, we have increased our selection of bird products and feeds to help make your experience a wonderful one!  We offer foods from Scott’s, Kaytee, Audubon, and Ace brands.  We carry black oil sunflower seeds that are a best seller because it is low pricing and high quality.  Bird seed and suet is often on sale during the month, so stop by and pick some up to enjoy your backyard to the fullest!

We also have an ever-growing selection of bird feeders for finches, hummingbirds, and any type of bird imaginable!  We carry a selection of unique bird houses and bird baths, as well.  These are WONDERFUL gifts for any occasion and will be one to be enjoyed for years to come!