A summer job we often forget!

Did you know your air filters should be checked and changed more frequently in the summer?

Your AC unit is working extra hard in the summer heat of Georgia and you need to give it a little extra TLC!  We can help you keep your machine in top working conditioning at ChasMar with filters to fit your unit needs.

Why your air filter is important:

  • Air filters purify the air flowing through your home.  They filter dirt, pollen, debris, mold, and other particles in the air in your home.  A quality air filter changed regularly can keep you and your guests breathing easy all summer long.
  • A clogged filter is hard on your unit because it isn’t able to pull the air efficiently through the home.  The motor is put under a lot more stress when the filters are clogged and can overheat easily or quit entirely.
  • A hard-working motor may be the least of your worries.  An unchanged, dirty air filter can also lead to high electric bills.

How summertime affects your filter:

During the milder spring months, your AC unit isn’t running as frequently.  When your unit is rarely running, you can get by with changing your filter every 6-8 weeks.  However, summertime has most of our units running non-stop and changing your filters once a month is necessary.  Here are a few reasons why.

  • Air circulation is increased.  Running your AC for hours a day means the air in your home is filtering through more frequently and catching more debris and particles.
  • More biological particles.  Summer is a time when trees and plants are producing pollen.  The air is also more humid which creates a perfect environment for mold to produce airborne spores.  Both of these contaminants will enter your home and filter through your unit.  Neglecting to change the filter could allow these contaminants to grow and release even more contaminants into your duct work.

Tips for keeping your air filters changed:

  • SET AN ALERT ON YOUR PHONE!  Do it now!  It’s so easy for days, weeks, and months to slip by and let’s be honest–air filters are the last thing on our mind.  Set an alert on your phone or mark your calendar to make sure it gets done in a timely way to save you the headache of other issues later.
  • KEEP FILTERS ON HAND!  Since this is such an easy task to forget, when you remember to check it you need to have the new ones on hand to change.  Buy and keep at least one full month’s supply in the closet.
  • CHANGE ALL FILTERS AT ONCE!  The best way to keep your unit in top condition is to develop a schedule to check and change all filters at once.
  • KEEP A LIST OF SIZES IN YOUR WALLET/PURSE!  This is a HUGE help to us as we help you get what you need for your home hassle-free!  There are many (SO MANY) different sizes of air filters.  Having a list makes sure you get the right thing the first time!

We carry a full selection of filters at ChasMar with quality grades of good, better, and best.  We carry the traditional thin, cheap fiberglass filters, as well as allergen pleated filters in a variety of sizes.  Come see us today!

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