We test your pool water – for FREE!

We will test your water for FREE with a $5 chemical purchase!

Summer has officially ARRIVED!  Kids are out of school for the summer and it’s time to soak in all the outdoor fun.  And we can all agree that POOL TIME is the BEST!

Let ChasMar keep your swimming pool clean, clear, and comfortable this season with our wide selection of pool chemical and care products.  It’s critical to regularly treat your pool with the right products to prevent harmful bacteria growth, skin irritation of your little ones, and more.  We know figuring out what you need is challenging, but we are here to help.

ChasMar is an authorized dealer of the American-made HTH products.  HTH offers every possible chemical you will need to care for your pool!  We have the most basic of supplies like shock, chlorine, algae guard and more for your POOL, WHIRLPOOL, or SPA!

Trouble-shooting murky water is a pretty easy process.  We have a system to easily test your water.  Bring in a sample of your pool water and within 5 minutes, we will be able to tell you EXACTLY what you need.  Our HTH water testing program will generate a water quality report and list the products you need to make your water clean and clear and ready for swimmers!  And the best part is, we will test your water for FREE if you purchase at least $5 of pool chemicals with us!

In addition to the essential chemicals you need to keep your water clear, ChasMar also carries pool salt, muriatic acid, multi-surface cleaners, pool skimmers, hoses, repair kits and more.  We’re your one step shop for all things POOL!


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